Id Image First Name Last Name Status Date of abduction mm/dd/yyyy Date of murder/body found Location of abduction Location where body discovered Abducted/recovered with others Last known residence Father's Name Year of birth Occupation Party activist General info regarding abduction or murder Links to articles regarding case Agency(s) allegedly involved Body: crime scene info Message found on body Autopsy performed? Forensic: victim image DateFreed Additional photo
01822 Abdul Samad Mayar Baloch abducted 05/05/2015   Gwadar, MCB Bank, Shahi Bazaar
    Gwadar   1975 Operational Mgr of MCB Bank, Shahi Bazaar, Gwadar   via Abducted from place of employment: MCB Bank, Shahi Bazaar, Gwadar. Place of birth: Turbat, Balochistan. Age at time of abduction: 40. ...
01821 Irfan Mehr Baksh Baloch abducted 09/29/2015   Gwadar
      Murad Bux   writer, artist   via twitter: FC/Secret services personals disappeared  Irfan Meher from Gwadar
01639 Hanif (Haneef) Baloch murdered   02/14/2015 Pasni (confirm date)               Hanif Gajiyan was picked up by the Frontier Corps (FC) from Pasni and released later on in critical condition. He succumbed to his injuries. via twitter
01823 Yasin Baloch abducted 11/02/2015   Mashkay (Mashkai, Mashkey), Kallar area           shopkeeper   Yasin, a shopkeeper, was abducted by Pakistan security forces from the Kallar area of Mashkay on November 2, 2015.

01824 Gohar Khan Baloch abducted 11/02/2015   Mashkay (Mashkai, Mashkey), Gajjar area.               Gohar Khan, a Baloch youth, was abducted by Pakistani security forces from the Gajjar area of Mashkay on Nov. 2, 2015.

01828 Mubarik (Mubarak) Baloch abducted 11/06/15   Gwadar, Pasni area       Muhammad Baksh       Mubarik Baloch was abducted in Pasni by Pakistani security forces.

01829 Fateh Muhammad Hasni Baloch abducted 01/01/2011   Surab, Giddar area. Confirm date and location of abduction.               Fateh Muhammad Hasni was abducted in 2011 and has been missing since. On November 6, 2015, four civilians were killed and several injured when Pakista ...
01830 Mumtaz Baloch abducted 11/07/2015   Mashkay (Mashkai), Kech (Kuch?) area               Mumtaz Baloch was abducted by Pakistani security forces during a raid in the Kech (Kuch?) area of Mashkay (Mashkai).

01837 Salih (Saleh?) Baloch abducted 11/10/2015   Gwadar, TTC Colony area       Kaleer      

01848 Samad Baloch abducted 11/22/2015   Awaran     Awaran Allah Dad Baloch      

01859 Khuda Dad Baloch abducted 11/24/2015   Mashkay (Mashkai), Nokjo area       Gazzi       Khuda Dad, son of Gazzi Baloch, a civilian, was abducted by Pakistani security forces from the Nokjo area of Mashkay on November 24, 2015. Whereabouts ...
01868 Atta Muhammad Baloch abducted 11/26/2015   Mashkay (Mashkai)               Baloch youth Atta Muhammad reported abducted by Pakistani security forces along with several others in Mashkay on November 26, 2015.

01876 Zafar (Zubair?) Dad   abducted 11/28/2015   Panjgur, Parom area       Haji Dad       Zafar (Zubair) Dad, a teenager, was abducted on November 28, 2015, from the Parom area of Panjgur by security forces.

01877 Gohar Baloch murdered 01/15/2016 01/22/2016         Abdul Aziz       The body of Gohar Baloch, son of Abdul Aziz, was reported to have been turned over to local authorities by the Pakistan Army on January 22, 2016. Goha ...
01878 Waris Baloch abducted 01/15/2016   Gwadar       Murad       Waris was abducted during a pre-dawn raid by the Pakistani army in Gwadar.

01887 Mir Jan Baloch abducted 01/13/2016   Gwadar, Jiwani area               Reported on Jan 13, 2016 via twitter that Mir Jan Baloch, 70 years old, was abducted by the Pakistan Army from the Jiwani area of Gwadar.

01893 Pir Jan Baloch abducted 01/06/2016   Kech, Dasht area               via twitter: Baloch youth Pir Jan was reported abducted by the Pakistan Army on January 6, 2016 in the Dasht area of Kech.

01894 Ashfaq (Ishfaq) Saeed Baloch abducted 12/04/2015   Pasni, Gwadar           teacher   Ashfaq Saeed, abducted by Pakistani security forces on December 4, 2015, is the brother of journalist Javed Saeed

01901 Basit (Basid) Baloch abducted 01/29/2016   Gwadar, Faqeer (Faqir Colony)       Gulam   student no via twitter: Basit Baloch is a 15-year-old teenager abducted from the Faqeer Colony
01902 Saeed Baloch abducted 01/16/2016   Karachi           General Secretary of the Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum no from amnestyinternational: Human rights defender Saeed Baloch was arrested in Karachi on 16 January by members of the Rangers, Paki ... TO HELP SAEED PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION HERE           
01903 Nawaz Mehrab Baloch murdered 01/31/2016 02/09/2016 Turbat, Kalatuk (Khalatuk), Ghena checkpost Turbat   Kherabad, Kech Mehrab   teacher no from 26 year old teacher Nawaz Baloch, son of Mehrab Baloch, resident of
Kherabad, Turbat, was abducted from Ghena Checkpost in Kalatuk ...

01904 Munir (Muneer) Rahshon (Rashoon) Baloch abducted 02/11/2016         Goburd, Gayab region of Mand Haji Saleh   teacher, Gayab School in Mand  

01905 Yasir Shoukat (Shaukat) Baloch murdered 09/28/2013 02/09/2016 Gwadar (Sordo, Panjgur? Confirm location) Karachi, Steal Town police jurisdiction   Mashkay     employee of livestock and a painter no via Yasir Shoukat Baloch was abducted in Sordo while on his way from Panjgur to
Mashkay, on 28th, Sep 2013. His mutilated body was foun ...

military mutiliated body      
01909 Neksal Baloch abducted 02/12/2016   Turbat International Airport     Gwarkob Sarikalag Turbat Razi Baloch     no via On February 12, 2016, Pakistani intelligence agencies abducted Neksal, the
son of Razi Baloch, from Turbat International Airport. N ...

01912 Ismail Asif Baloch abducted 02/26/2016   Turbat, Genah checkpoint           poet, Balochi language   via twitter: Well known Balochi poet Asmail Asif was dragged from his vehicle at Genah checkpoint in Turbat.

01913 Adil Baloch abducted 02/27/2016   Awaran       Raheem Bux Baloch     no via twitter: Adil S/o Raheem Bux Abducted by
01914 Governor Kolachi (Kulachi) abducted 03/01/2016   Badin City, Sindh           Sindhi JSMM leader/activist yes via twitter: Attended rally in support of Baloch missing and killed and abducted after a protest against CPEC

01820 Faizal Baloch murdered 10/1/2015 10/1/2015
Pidark     Fazal      

01819 Zaheer Ahmad Baloch abducted 10/3/2015   Turbat, Gebun area
              Zaheer Ahmad was dragged from his car by the Pakistan army

01818 Hilal Baloch abducted 10/9/2015   Turbat, Ginnah area
    Hochat, Dasht Amanullah      

01817 Farhad Baloch abducted 10/10/2015   Mand, Soro area
      Abdul Qayum      

01816 Zamaan Baloch abducted 10/10/2015   Mashkey (Mashkay), Harooni area

01808 Jameel Baloch abducted 1/1/2012   (confirm location and date of abduction)
              October 12, 2015: The Pakistan army set ablaze the house of elderly Jameel Baloch. Jameel was abducted in 2012 and is still missing

01791 Hameed Baloch   abducted 7/29/2015   Pasni

01775 Balaach Baloch abducted 7/13/2015   Panjgur, Sabzaap
      Sardar Samad Baloch      

01764 Gazin (Gazain?) Baloch abducted 7/7/2015   Quetta
          student, 24 years old  

01746 Norouz Aslam Baloch   7/3/2015   Turbat, Aapsar area
          student   Teenage student Norouz Aslam was abducted by FC in a pre-dawn raid at his home in Aapsar area of Turbat.

01743 Rizwan Baloch abducted 6/17/2015   Bolan, Bolan Medical College              

01742 Master Baitullah Baloch abducted 6/17/2015   Kech, hotel in Tump
          school teacher  

01741 Shahram Baloch abducted 6/14/2015   Panjgur
      Shaheed Younus Baloch      

01740 Wahab Baloch abducted 6/9/2015   Turbat

01739 Khalid Baloch murdered   6/8/2015
Pidark     Hatim Baloch       Bullet-riddled body

01714 Nazeer Baloch freed 4/29/2015   Panjgur, Parom area
      Beebagar       via twitter: Nazeer s/o Beebagar abducted by Pak army from Parom Panjgur, Balochistan, during army operation

01711 Sadiq Baloch target-killed 4/26/2015 4/26/2015
Karachi, Lyari             via twitter: body of Sadiq Baloch found dumped in Karachi. Sadiq is younger brother of @THE_BRSO central spokesman Hamdan Baloch. Sadiq's body was dis ...
01709 Saddam Khosa Baloch abducted 4/20/2015   Jaffarabad
    Jaffarabad Hazrat Shah Khosa     BRP via twitter, April 21: Pakistani forces also abducted another BRP activist, Saddam Khosa s/o Hazrat Shah Khosa, from Jaffarabad, #Balochistan last nig ...
01708 Hayat Shahswar Baloch murdered   4/13/2015 Encounter
          artist, poet   via twitter: Hayat Shahswar was among missing persons dumped by the Pakistan army on April 13 who claimed they were militants.
How Pak ... military        
01707 Asgar (Ashgar) Dad Baloch murdered 1/1/2014 4/13/2015
              via twitter: Missing Asgar (Ashgar) Dad's body was handed over to the Levies force in FC camp. He was in custody of the FC since 1-1-2014.
Asghar w ...
Five of 13 suspe ... FC        
01706 Khuda Baksh (Bux) Baloch murdered 2/27/2015 3/4/2015 Awaran
Khuzdar (Khuzdar Army Cantonment)         Balochi language poet; teacher   Reported dragged from passenger bus by Rangers

Report by Carol Anne Grayson: Khuda Bakhsh, another alleged victim of “kidnap, dump and kill” Ba ...
military tortured body      
01691 Sabit Baloch abducted 4/22/2015   Dasht, Sangai area
      Roshin       via twitter: Sabit, son of Roshin, a teenage boy, was abducted by Pakistani forces in a pre-dawn raid on his home in Sangai area of Dasht.

01690 Shakoor Qadir Baloch abducted 4/22/2015   Mashkay               via twitter: Pakistani army breaks into the examination hall of Gajjar High School in Mashkay and abducts a student namely Shakoor Qadir.

01684 Shoaib (Sohaib) Baloch murdered 4/18/2015 4/21/2015
Kech, Dunnok area (Turbat)   Absor Lal Baksh     BRP via twitter: Shoaib Baloch was abducted by ISI April 18 today received the body.

01683 Doctor Amir Bakhsh Baloch abducted 4/15/2015   Quetta
          Doctor: Vice Chairman of Family Planning of Balochistan   reported that Dr. Ameer Bakhsh Baloch was "abducted by ISI infront of GD office"

01682 Hafeez-ul-Rahman Baloch abducted 3/14/2015   Nemargh near Kalat
    Kalat, Nemargh Younas Qambarani       news via twitter

01681 Rasool Jan Baloch murdered 1/8/2014 4/13/2015 Turbat
    Turbat     teacher BSO Azad Murdered in alleged fake encounter on April 13, 2015:
From Jan 8, 2015: Rasool was a teacher at the DELTA center in Turbat. He was ...
01680 Dawood Khan Baloch abducted 3/29/2015   Hub
    Mashkay (Mashkey)         via twitter: Dawood Khan, a resident of quake-hit Mashkay, was abducted by Pakistani forces from Hub yesterday.

01677 Kamal Kodai (Kudai) (confirm spelling) Baloch murdered 4/22/2014 4/22/2014 Pidark, Turbat
          teacher, poet   via twitter. Allegedly abducted by state agencies and killed on the same day.
01676 Abdul Raouf (Rauf) Kareem Baloch murdered   3/29/2015
Usmania (in Gwadar)             via twitter

  body shows signs of torture      
01675 Salahuddin Baloch abducted 3/25/2015   Quetta
    Mashkay, Mashkey         via twitter: a student from quake-hit Mashkay, abducted by law enforcement agencies from Quetta on March 25, 2015.
01674 Iraad Hussain Baloch abducted 3/6/2015   Panjgur
via twitter
FC, ISI        
01673 Barkhan Bugti (Resho) Baloch murdered 2/23/2013 2/28/2013 Jaffarabad
Sibbi (Sibi)           BRP Baloch Republican Party activist Barkhan Bugti, killed and dumped near Sibbi on February 28, 2013.
via twitter
01672 Manzoor Ahmed Bugti abducted 11/7/2014   Quetta
              Dawn, Nov. 18, 2014: "

"QUETTA: A journalist working for Pakistan Television and based in Dera Bugti went missing from Quetta last week.


Dawn: Journalist goes missing
01671 Nosheer Baloch abducted 1/9/2015   Turbat, Gennah FC checkpost
    Dubai         The family reports 20-year-old Nosheer, son of Mohammad Atta, was picked up by Pakistani forces who dragged him from a passenger van at Gennah (Fronti ...
01670 Rafiq Baloch abducted 10/13/2014   Khuzdar (confirm location as Naal, Khuzdar)
          employee in a local government hospital   Bygwaah report: Gul Bibi, a resident of Naal Khuzdar, told BBC Urdu that her brother has been disappeared by Pakistani forces.< ... Bygwaah report
01669 Shujahat (Shujah) Baloch murdered 1/30/2015 1/31/2015 Turbat, Pidark area
              from Balochwarna: 

The body of a young Baloch with bullet wounds was found in Turbat. Sources report Shujahat Baloch, along with four othe ...

  Bullet-riddled body.      
01663 Liaqat Baloch abducted 3/5/2015   Mashkay
              Reported abducted while in an examination hall in Mashkay by Pakistan military.

01662 Babo (Babu?) Tahir Baloch abducted 3/4/2015   Panjgur, Gramkan area
via twitter
01661 Khalid Baloch abducted 3/4/2015   Kalatuk
    Kech, Gebun area Saki Dad Baloch      
via twitter
01660 Inayatullah Baloch abducted 3/1/2015   Khuzdar
              Reported dragged from passenger bus by Pakistani forces.
via twitter
01659 Muhim Baloch abducted     Awaran
    Jahoo Rahim      
via twitter
01656 Akhtar Baloch freed 2/16/2015   Awaran, Geshkor area
via twitter
01649 Ustad Gulzar Baloch abducted 2/4/2015   Mashkay, Nokjo FC checkpost
via twitter
01642 Ashraf Baloch abducted 1/3/2015   Turbat, Jusak area
    Kech, Shahrak area Ghani Baloch      
via twitter
01641 Dr. Shabir Ahmad Baloch freed 1/1/2015   Panjgur, Gramkan area (confirm release date)
via twitter
01640 Hussain Baloch abducted 2/3/2015  
      Ahmad Baloch       Hussain, son of Ahmad, was picked up by Pakistani forces yesterday from Lasbela, dragged from a passenger bus. via twitter
01638 Salim Baloch abducted 3/15/2015   Dasht
      Aalim Baloch      
via twitter
01637 Dr. Sanaullah Baloch murdered 2/15/2015 2/18/2015
Arawan, Geshkor area     Lal Jan Baloch       Report that there has been a spate of abductions related to the Pakistani military clearing of the Gwadar-Kashgar route. One report notes that on Febr ... via twitter
01636 Sahir Baloch abducted 2/22/2015   Kech, Mirani Dam area
      Abdul Hafiz Baloch       Pakistan forces conducted early morning door-to-door search operation and took away 14-year-old Sahir Baloch from a local shop.
via twitter
01635 Khuda Baksh (Bux) Baloch freed 2/27/2015 4/18/2015 Tump

01634 Fayaz Karim Baloch murdered 2/24/2015 2/27/2015 Karachi, Dalmia
Hub   Panjgur         Fayaz Karim is the younger brother of murdered brother Faraz Karim Baloch. Fayaz's father was injured during the raid. His brother Faraz Karim was a p ...          
01631 Ijaz Baloch abducted 3/2/2015   Mand, Soro Bazaar
      Abdul Waheed      

01630 Waheed Baloch abducted 3/2/2015   Gwadar, Nigwar Sharif area
    Dasht Murad      
via twitter
01623 Dr. Sayad Qasim Shah Shah murdered 3/2/2015 3/3/2015
Hub             Decapitated. Shiite doctor was abducted from his clinic in Hub by unidentified armed males. His body was found the following day.

01622 Khuda Bux Rakhshani murdered 2/14/2015 3/4/2015 Awaran, Geshkor (Geeshkor, Gishkawr) area (confirm date of abduction, also reported as February 11, 2015)
Khuzdar         teacher   38-year old school teacher

military tortured      
01621 Sharif Baloch abducted 3/7/2015   Mirani Dam
    Dasht, Langasi area Abdullah      
via twitter
01620 Muneer Ahmad Baloch abducted 8/11/2009   Soro area, Mand
    Nokeen Kahan area, Mand Ahmad Baloch (confirm father's name)   student   via twitter: On August 11, 2009, Pakistani forces abducted two youths from the Soro area of Mand. They were identified as Muneer Ahmad Baloch and Sagh ...
01619 Asad Baloch abducted 8/17/2014   Turbat (near Turbat hospital)
    Soro area, Mand Mehraj Baloch   driver no via twitter: Asad was abducted by Pakistani forces near Turbat hospital. He has no relationship with any political group.

01616 Manzoor Ahmed Bugti abducted 11/6/2014   Quetta
          journalist   QUETTA: A journalist working for Pakistan Television and based in Dera Bugti went missing from Quetta last week.

Imam Bukhsh, who works for a n ...
Journalist goes missing
01609 Tahir Baloch abducted 10/22/2014   Hoshab area, Kech
      Peer (Pir) Mohammad       Reported abducted by Pakistani forces

01608 Abdul Wahid Baloch murdered   10/22/2014
Pidark area, Kech     Swali Baloch       via twitter

01607 Abdul Haq Baloch abducted 10/22/2014   Gwadar
      Abdul Latif       12-year-old student

01606 Shikar Baloch freed 10/16/2014   Mand, Maheer area (RELEASED IN MAND ON OCTOBER 17, 2014)
    Mand, Maheer area Jamo       update: RELEASED! Shikar was released on 17 / 10 / 2014 in Mand.

via twitter: Pakistan forces conducted a search operation in the Maheer area o ...

01605 Ibrahim Baloch murdered   10/14/2014
near Basima         activist   awaiting details...

01603 Ali Baloch abducted 10/30/2014   Navel Colony, Karachi (confirm date of abduction)
          student   via twitter: ISI agents in grey car (number plate: LEF 3628) accompanied by Sindh Police vans abducted Ali Ahmed, cousin of activist Karima Baloch, fr ...
01583 Shah Mohammad Baloch murdered 10/26/2014 10/28/2014 Mastung
Mastung   Mastung Mohammad Ibrahim Baloch       Mohammad Ameen a resident of Kanak area of Mastung said that his nephew of Shah Mohammad son of Mohammad Ibrahim was arrested ...   signs of torture      
01575 Lal Jan Baloch abducted 10/29/2014   Uthal
          member of BNP central committee BNP Lal Jan Baloch member of central committee BNP and ex Chairmen BSO abducted today morning from his farm Uthal
01574 Ali Jan Bugti murdered 9/25/2014 10/25/2014 Naseerabad, confirm date of abduction
Patfeedar area of Sui, Dera Bugti     Ali Khan Bugti       BRP Media cell: The tortured and mutilated dead body of abducted Ali Jan Bugti was found dumped in the Patfeedar area of Sui, Dera Bugti on Saturday. ...
  tortured and mutilated body      
01569 Roshan Baloch abducted 9/25/2014   Kesaak area, Turbat
              11-yr-old Roshan, son of Rozi Baloch, was allegedly abducted in front of his family after the Pakistan Army pulled over their passenger car.
01568 Barkat Baloch abducted 9/16/2014  
    Gwaniki Dad Shah       Shop owner Barkat s/o Dad Shah r/o Gwaniki abducted, allegedly by ISI, following a raid and the looting of his shop in Turbat.

01562 Waseem Baloch murdered 10/13/2014 10/21/2014 Panjgur
Khodabadan, Panjgur, dumped in Peskol River (Gramkaan area)   Panjgur Abdul Rehman Arif, teacher       Balochwarna: Waseem’s father, Mr. Abdul Rehman Arif (record 00941 in this database), a teacher by profession, was abducted on ...   bullet-riddled and mutilated body; tortured      
01561 Waris Baloch murdered   10/12/2014
Khodabadan area, Panjgur   Turbat Mohammad Jan       Balochwarna: Another mutilated and tortured body was found dumped in a garden of Palm trees in the Khodabadan area of Panjgur. ...   bullet-riddled and mutilated body      
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