Id Image First Name Last Name Status Date of abduction mm/dd/yyyy Date of murder/body found Location of abduction Location where body discovered Abducted/recovered with others Last known residence Father's Name Year of birth Occupation Party activist General info regarding abduction or murder Links to articles regarding case Agency(s) allegedly involved Body: crime scene info Message found on body Autopsy performed? Forensic: victim image DateFreed Additional photo
00001 Lala Hameed (Hayatan) Baloch murdered 10/25/2010 11/18/2010 Gwadar Turbat area   Gwadar     journalist yes Lala Hameed Baloch, president of Baloch National Movement (Gwadar Zone), was abducted by FC personnel while traveling to Gwadar on October 25, 2010. see: Young Baloch Journalist Ha ...     A paper read ” A Gift of Eid for the Balochs”    
00006 Tariq Essa Baloch murdered 11/13/2010 6/2/2011 abducted near Gwader at Zero Point while traveling from Karachi to Turbat Tanzag Coastal Highway near Kund Malir area of Uthal body recovered with 70 year-old Ahmad Khan Marri Turbat City Mohammad Essa 1979 Clerk in Excise and Taxation Department BSO Azad Tariq Ali, age 31, was abducted by Pakistani security agents on November 14, 2010, at Karwat (Pasni). He had traveled to Karachi for stomach ulcer tre ... Two more Baloch killed under custody by Pakistani ...   bullet-riddled yes, note in pocket with name Yes  
00007 Sami (Samiullah) Mengal murdered 10/1/2010 11/17/2010 Sasoal area of Khuzdar Ferozabad area of Khuzdar   Tanzag (Kech) Abdul Qadir Ghulamani 2000 Student, Engineering University Khuzdar yes
Editorial: Dead BodyISTAN;       Yes  
00008 Ehsan Arjemandi abducted 8/7/2009   Zero Point, enroute to Karachi     Norway     political activist in Norway   Norwegian national, Ehsan Arjemandi, was abducted by Pakistan security agents while traveling from Balochistan to Karachi on August 7, 2009. In July 2 ... No clues as to whereabou ...          
00009 Mehboob Wadhela murdered 4/2/2010 2/23/2011 Karachi, Yousaf Goath in Karachi Ormara, near Hadh Cross of Ormara body found with Arif Rehman Gwadar Beg Mohammad Wadhela   fisheries department employee BNM Mehboob Wadhela was abducted on April 2, 2010, by Pakistani intelligence agencies while traveling to Gwadar from Karachi. The passenger van was stoppe ... Stop illegal abductions: BNM activist Mahboob Wadhela Baloch abducted ... plainclothes        
00010 Sameer Rind (Baluch) abducted 10/14/2010   Turbat
    Turbat     student no Sameer Rind was abducted by Pakistani security agents on October 14, around 2am from his home in Turbat, Balochistan. Family members who witnessed the ... Security ...          
00011 Ali Dost Baloch murdered   1/15/2010

00012 Junaid Baloch murdered   3/2/2010 Khuzdar Khuzdar             Two students of Khuzdar Engineering University wer ...
00013 Saddam Baloch murdered   1/15/2010

00014 Ameer Bux Langov murdered   2/28/2010

00015 Sinkander Baloch murdered   3/2/2010

00016 Warna Majeed Baloch murdered   3/17/2010

00017 Mukhtar Baloch murdered   5/1/2010

00018 Asif Baloch murdered   5/1/2010

00019 Beebagr Baloch murdered   6/11/2010
Help save Beebagr Baloch’s life< ...          
00020 Qadeer Baloch murdered   6/25/2010

00021 Faiz Baloch murdered   7/20/2010

00022 Najeeb-u-Allah Langove murdered 5/14/2010 7/23/2010
Quetta   Quetta, Killi Ismail Hudda Abdul Wheed 1985 student  

00023 Yusuf Marri murdered   7/24/2010

00024 Farooq Mengal murdered   7/26/2010

00025 Ashfaq Ahmed Mollazai (Mulazai) murdered 5/28/2010 7/26/2010
Quetta   Jail Road, Hudda, Quetta Khuda Bakhsh   political worker  
00026 Gulaam Qadir (Ghulam) Perkani (also, Pirkani) murdered 7/6/2010 8/6/2010
Quetta, discovered in Western bypass near Killi Khali Found with Bhar Khan, son of Baig Mohammad Bangulzai Quetta, New Khan Hazar Ganji Mohammed Hashim Pirkani 1986 Cricket Player yes August 2010: two mutilated bodies of Baloch activists were discovered in Western bypass near Killi khali. They were identified as Bhar Khan S/O Baig ... Sri Lanka Guardian INSIDE STOR ...   The bodies’ hands and feet were tied. Hospital sources said the bodies had been shot in the heads and had clear marks of violence.   Yes  
00028 Nazeer Ahmed Bangulzai murdered 6/29/2010 8/9/2010
Quetta   Mastung Abdul Waheed 1973 postmaster  
00029 Hakeem Baloch murdered   8/11/2010
00030 Zohaib Rodini murdered 8/8/2010 8/14/2010
Khuzdar   Khuzdar, Khund Road Salam Rodani 1991   BRP
00031 Shahjan Baloch murdered   8/13/2010
00032 Khan Mohammad Mengal murdered 8/8/2010 8/14/2010
Khuzdar   Khuzdar, Khatan Atta Mohd (Mohammad) 1984   BNP
00033 Muhammad Hussain Baloch murdered   8/16/2010
00034 Nadir Gichki murdered   8/18/2010

00035 Raheem Bux Baloch murdered   8/19/2010

FC FC firing      
00036 Ghulam Nabi Baloch murdered   8/21/2010

00037 Ghazi Khosa murdered   8/26/2010
Bostan (confirm if date Aug 25 or Aug 26)            

00038 Zaman Khan Chalgari Marri murdered 8/19/2010 9/6/2010 Quetta
Ghuncha Dhori area of Mastung Abducted with another lawyer Munir Ahmed Mirwani       lawyer, advocate   By Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur:

Zaman Khan Chalgari Marri, a practicing lawyer, was kidnapped on August 19, along with another lawyer Munir Ahmed ...
A lawyer and his cousin were killed after their disappearances, an ...   mutiliated body: signs of torture, beaten, bullet to the head      
00039 Asadullah Baloch murdered   9/8/2010

00040 Ali Marri murdered   9/13/2010

00041 Ali Sher Kurd murdered 9/21/2010 9/24/2010 Quetta Khuzdar             Abducted by Pakistani army personnel while visiting one of his relatives, Dr. Salim Kurd, on Gilani Road, Quetta Advocate Ali Sher Kurd abducted ...          
00042 Hamid Ismail murdered 10/25/2010 11/18/2010 Gwadar, while traveling to
Turbat, Kech district Recovered with Hameed Baloch, abducted with brother-in-law Shafiq who was later released. Turbat Ismail Baloch   mechanic   from The Nation: two bullet-riddled bodies of abducted persons were recovered in Turbat area of Kech District of Makran division on the second day of ... FC Both victims were shot with bullets to the head and showed signs of torture      
00043 Zahoor Bangulzai murdered 8/23/2010 10/22/2010 Mastung Mastung, Ghanji Dori area, found with Faqir Mohammad Shahwani             On August 23, 2010, Zahoor Bangulzai, a master tailor by profession was working at his shop on Chandani Road in Mastung, Balochistan. Several law enfo ... Petition: Zahoor Bangulzai abduction and illegal detention; FC     Yes  
00044 Faqeer Muhammad Shahwani murdered 9/23/2010 10/22/2010 Cadet College, Mastung Mastung, Ghanji Dori area         Cadet College, Mastung, employee   The mother of Faqir Mohammad Shahwani Baloch announced in a press conference that her son was picked up by security forces personnel at the main gate ... Baloch singer, a local Baloch fish trader and two other ... FC, plainclothes     Yes  
00045 Abdul Majeed Zehri murdered 10/18/2010 10/24/2010
Khuzdar           BSO Azad 14 years old. Abdul Majeed Zehri was picked up by armed men from the Al-Basit medical store, Omar Farooq Chawk, on October 18. Abdul Majeed was a memb ...     The body was 'wrapped' in the Baluch national flag    
00046 Asim Karim Baloch murdered 10/30/2010 11/1/2010
Pishin, Balochistan (Khanozai area)   Besima     student of Multan Polytechnic College BSO Azad 18 years old. Member of the BSO-Azad. Asim was strangled. His body bore signs of torture and bullet wounds. On October 26, Asim held a press conferenc ... Forced-disappearances on rise in Balochistan: anot ...          
00047 Faiz Muhammad Marri murdered 11/6/2010 3/3/2011 Karachi, Metrowell area Dasht area in Mastung District     Haji Jalal Khan Marri       Faiz Muhammad Marri was arrested the night of Nov 6 when security forces raided the family residence in the Metrowell area of Karachi. Sindh Ranger Po ... Two Marri Baloch traders abducted from Karachi ... police        
00048 Bashir Ahmed murdered 8/30/2010 11/18/2010 Mastung Mastung abducted with Zahoor Baloch, recovered with Asmatullah Baloch (confirm date body recovered) Mastung       BSO Azad Bashir Ahmad, a political worker of the BSO-Azad, was abducted along with Zahoor Baloch during the last week of August this year from Mastung district ...          
00049 Asmatullah Sarapah murdered 9/22/2010 11/17/2010 While on his way to Mastung from the University Mastung found with Bashir Lehri Baloch Mastung, Kardgaap area       BSO Azad A body recovered from Mastung, some 60km south of Quetta, was identified as that of Asmatullah Baloch. Asmatullah Baloch was a resident of the Kardgaa ... Two more bodies of Baloch ...          
00050 Nasrullah Samalani murdered   11/17/2010
Kalat             The bullet-riddled body of Nasrullah Samalani was recovered from the Kapotho area of Kalat. Sources said Nasrullah was abducted by a group of gunmen f ... Editorial: Dead BodyISTAN;          
00051 Mohammad Rashim (or Raheem?) murdered   11/20/2010
Editorial: Dead BodyISTAN
00052 Mir Jan Baloch murdered   11/20/2010
Editorial: Dead BodyISTAN
00053 Naseer Kamalan Baloch murdered 11/5/2010 1/17/2011 Pasni, enroute to 23 miles from Ormara near the Syedabad Cross on the Mekran Coastal Highwa Body found with Ahmed Dad Baloch         BNM A senior leader of the BNM (Baloch National Movement), Mr. Naseer Kamalan, was abducted by Pakistani FC while returning from a court hearing. Accordin ... Naseer Kamalan Baloch arrested; FC Both Naseer Kamalan and Ahmed Dad Baloch suffered 2 bullet holes to the head and one bullet to the heart. The bodies show signs of torture.      
00054 Shadman Marri abducted 11/10/2010   Uthal               The group Anjuman-e-Itehad-e-Marri reports that Shadman Marri was abducted from Uthal, Balochistan, a few days ago, as well as dozens of other Baloch, ... Intellibriefs: Two Marri Trader ...          
00055 Abdul Rehman Arif murdered 9/3/2010 2/23/2011 Karachi Ormara, near Hadh Cross of Ormara body found with Mehboob Wadhela Gwadar       BRP Rehman Arif Balaoch, BRP's Gwader zone president, was reported missing by Balochistan newspapers on September 3. His family, however, says he was ab ... Bygwaah report;          
00056 Mohammad Arif Noor Baloch murdered 10/31/2010 3/23/2011 Karachi Lasbela district, Windar area of Hub body found with Nawaz Marri Gwadar     16-grade officer at Gwadar Development Authority   Protestors in front of the Karachi Press Club state that Arif was picked up by law enforcement on October 31 from East Garden flat. Muhammad Arif is ... Three men Arif Noor Baloch, Hamid Hameed Baloch and Bas ...          
00057 Murtaza Zehri murdered 9/9/2010 4/25/2011 Khuzdar, Mir Chakker Khan Road Sorgaz Zeddi area of Khuzdar district body found with Muhammad Ayub Muhammad Hasni and Muhammad Hafeez Khuzdar Ghulam Mustafa     BRP Murtaza Baloch was abducted on September 9, 2010, at Mir Chakker Khan Road in Khuzdar. Murtaza is a student, 18 years of age, and is employed by a pri ... International community stands idle as Baloch geno ...   Their hands were tied from behind and eyes were blindfolded, bullet-riddled identified by slip of paper in pocket    
00058 Abdulkabeer Baloch abducted 3/27/2009   National Highway, Near Session courts, Khuzdar     Khuzdar Ghous Bakhsh   Student yes According to a report published by HRCP, (Human Rights Commission of Pakistan) The BNP reported that personnel of intelligence agencies “kidnapped” hi ...
FC, military, plainclothes        
00059 Qambar Chakar murdered 11/26/2010 1/4/2011 Turbat, Shahi Tump area: re-abduction Turbat district, near a river abducted with Irshad Nasir, body found with Ilyas Nazar Baloch Turbat   1987 Student, B.A. (Economics) BSO Azad Mr. Qambar Chakar was re-abducted from his house in Shahi Tump, Turbat, on Nov. 26, 2010, along with his cousin,          
00060 Irshad Nasir freed 11/26/2010   Note: Irshad Nasir was released on April 22, 2011, at midnight.
Irshad was abducted for a second time from Turbat, Shahi Tump. There is some confu ...
  abducted with cousin, Qambar Chakar     2000 Student, B.A (Economics) BNM Update: Corrected RELEASE DATE: MIDNIGHT, APRIL 22, 2011

Mr. Irshad Nasir had p ...
00061 Waheed Qambrani murdered 10/7/2010 12/1/2010 Kalat Kalat   Kalat (Nemgragh)     Teacher   Waheed Qambrani was abducted on 7 October from Kalat City. He was traveling to Nemargh to make arrangements for his wedding. His body showed signs of ... Details at
    paper found in his pocket on which his name was written    
00062 Ali Asghar Bangulzai abducted 10/18/2002   Quetta         2000 Tailor   Ali was arrested by security and intelligence agents and released after approximately 14 days. He was again arrested on October 18, 2002. Since then t ... Detained for four years without charges: Famil ...          
00064 Hafiz Saeed-ur-Rehman Rehman abducted 7/4/2003   Quetta, Burma Hotel, Sariab Road       Allah Bux 2000 Student    
< ...
00065 Ahmad Gichki abducted 12/29/2005                  

00066 Ali Ahmad Marri abducted 2/21/2005                   Ali was arrested at his residence.

00067 Faiz Mohammad reabducted 5/18/2005           Hamza Khan      
00068 Qayyum Baloch murdered 12/11/2010 2/10/2011 Gwadar Turbat City, 40 kilometers away in Herrnok (or Heronk) area body found with that of Jamil (Jameel) Yaqoob Gwadar Nazar Mohammed Baloch     BSO Azad Pakistan's security forces and secret services abducted a Baloch youth, Abdul Qauum Baloch, in the port city of Gwadar, just a day after International ... Baloch youth abducted by Pakistan state after Huma ... FC, plainclothes 5 bullets in upper torso      
00069 Munir Ahmed Mirwani abducted 6/17/2010   Khuzdar           Secretary General Jhalawan Bar Association yes Munir Ahmed Mirwani, lawyer and activist affiliated with Balochistan National Party (BNP), was sitting at a roadside hotel in Khuzdar when a dozen mas ... BNP activist-cum-lawyer kidnapped ... plainclothes        
00070 Ghulam Mohammad abducted 12/8/2005                  
00071 Gul Mohammad Bugti abducted 12/8/2005   Sibi, Anti-Terrorism Court              
00072 Haji Taj Mohammad abducted 12/8/2005                   Member of PPWU

00074 Akhtar Mengal freed    
  Arrested with Abdul Sattar, Abdullah Mengal, Abdul Raheem, Abdul Karim and others.         BNP Mengal was arrested in September 2006, along with around 700 other political workers, in a government crackdown in Balochistan. He was held because ... wikipedia report
00075 Abdullah Mengal abducted 12/26/2006   Gadani, Lassi farmhouse
  Abdul Sattar, Abdul Raheem, Abdul Karim         BNP On November 28, 2006 arrested together with senior members of the BNP party and Akhtar Mengal by the Balochistan police and taken to Lassi Farm House ... Baloch Nationalist leader Ak ...          
00077 Master Abdul Sattar murdered 8/15/2010 5/11/2011 abducted from Zaheer Medical Store in Chitkaan region of Punjgur. He a resident of Parum region of Panjgur.
dumped in mountainous parts of Chitkan area abducted with Dr. Abid Baloch, a former vice chairman of the Baloch Students Organization (BS) and Safeer Baloch, all natives of Panjgur Panjgur, Parum region     government school teacher, head of Government Teachers Association BNP PANJGUR/QUETTA: The bullet-riddled dead bodies of four missing Baloch persons, including that of a prominent leader of the Baloch Students Organizatio ...       Yes  
00078 Abdul Karim abducted 12/26/2006   Gadani, Lassi farmhouse
  Taken from Lassi farmhouse with Abdul Raheem, Abdullah Mengal, Abdul Sattar         BNP On November 28, 2006, arrested together with senior members of the BNP party and Akhtar Mengal by the Balochistan police and taken to Lassi farmhouse ... Baloch Nationalist leader Ak ...          
00079 Abdul Raheem abducted 12/26/2006   Gadani, Lassi farmhouse
  Taken from Lassi farmhouse with Abdul Karim, Abdullah Mengal, Abdul Sattar         BNP On November 28, 2006, arrested together with senior members of the BNP party and Akhtar Mengal by the Balochistan police and taken to Lassi farmhouse ... Baloch Nationalist leader Ak ...          
00080 Yousaf Nazar (Nizar) Baloch murdered 12/21/2010 4/28/2011 Pasni, Main Gwadar Road
on the coastal highway near Ormara, Balochistan abducted with Siddique Eido, body found with Siddique Eido       tailor master in Pasni BSO Azad From According to a press released issued by HRCP’s Balochistan chapter on Tuesday, Yousaf Baloch, along with his companion, Siddique Bal ... police tortured, bullet-riddled body   Yes  
00081 Siddiq (Siddique) Eidho murdered 12/21/2010 4/28/2011 Pasni, on main road to Gwadar (Karwat area of Coastal Highway)
found on coastal highway near Ormara, Balochistan abducted with Yousaf Baloch; found with Yousuf Nizar (Nazar)       journalist, HRCP Core Group Coordinator for Pasni   Journalist Siddiq Eidho, a senior member of the Pasni Press Club and an activist of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), and another friend ... Senior Journalist Whisked Away Arou ... plainclothes tortured and bullet-riddled   Yes  
00083 Mohammad Khan Sasoli murdered   12/14/2010 Shot in Khuzdar
Shot in Khuzdar         journalist, President of Khuzdar Press Club, worked for DAWN News TV   Mohammad Khan Sasoli (36) left Khuzdar Press Club for his home situated in Labour Colony by his vehicle at 7.30pm. When he reached his house two unide ... Senior Journalist Killed in Khuzdar; < ...          
00084 Ilyas Nizar (Nizar, Nazar) murdered 12/22/2010 1/4/2011 Ormara, enroute to Ormara from Pasni on the coastal highway (Badok near Pasni town) Turbat, in Pedark, near Turbat body found with Qambar Chakar Baloch       student, University of Balochistan BSO Azad Ilyas Baloch was whisked away by unidentified people near Ormara on the coastal highway from Pasni, early in the day. Ilyas, a student of the Universi ... Three more Baloch whisked away by s ...          
00085 Yousaf Raza Baloch murdered   12/17/2010
Turbat Body found with Abdul Raziq (Latif) Baloch Tump       Other The bodies of Yousaf Baloch and Abdul Raziq Baloch were recovered from Turbat on December 17, 2010. Both youths had bullet wounds to the head and thei ...          
00086 Abdul Raziq (Razzaq) Baloch murdered   12/17/2010
Turbat             The bodies of Yousaf Baloch and Abdul Raziq Baloch were recovered from Turbat on December 17, 2010. Both youths had bullet wounds to the head and th ...          
00087 Fazal-ur-Rehman Rehman Baloch abducted 12/14/2010   Mastung
            BSO Azad Fazal-ur-Rehman, President of BSO AZAD, Mastung zone was whisked away by the Pakistan Paramilitary Forces and Intelligence Agencies on 14th of Decem ...
00088 Abdul Hameed Baloch murdered 12/13/2010 5/24/2011 Panjur, nearby
Majdalo area of tehsil Gowargo, Panjgur Shafqat, cousin, released after 3 days           Abdul Hameed was traveling with his cousin in a passenger bus from Quetta to Panjgur when armed men in three to four vehicles intercepted the bus and ... Baloch Sister Worries as Ailing Brother G ...          
00089 Deen Mohammad Baloch abducted 6/29/2009   Khuzdar, Ornarch area
          medical officer, RHC hospital BNM Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch is a medical officer and was abducted from his official resident in the Ornarch area of Khuzdar, Balochistan. Abductors were ... Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch of BNM abducted by Pakista ... plainclothes        
00090 Zakir Majeed Baloch abducted 6/8/2009   Mastung
    Khuzdar, Killi Gazgi     student, Senior Vice Chairman of BSO-Azad BSO Azad Zakir Majeed Baloch was abducted from the Parangabad area of Mastung town in Balochistan. Zakir was abducted on his way from Parangabad market to a f ... Memorandum on the Abduction of Zakir Majeed Baloch;          
00091 Khuda Raheem Bangulzai murdered   12/18/2010 Mastung
Koshik, near, in deserted area off Quetta-Taftan road             Levy forces found a brutally tortured body near Koshik on the Quetta-Taftan road. They shifted the body to district headquarters in Mastung for identi ...
    a letter was found in the pocket of Mr Bangulzai. It was signed by a previously unknown group "Mujahideen Balochistan", and read “Bangulzai was a frie ...    
00092 Jamal Baloch abducted 10/10/2010   Karachi
    Karachi, hometown: Mand   1993 student, engineering   On Oct 4, 2010, Jamal traveled to the Al-Noor Hotel in Karachi. As he pulled up to the hotel in a rickshaw, 2 men emerged from a silver colored, 4-doo ... Video link to personal testimony
police, plainclothes       10/10/2010
00094 Ali Jan Kurd murdered 11/23/2010 1/22/2011 Sibbi, near
Quetta, outskirts: Aktharbad   Machh     zonal president of BSO-Azad (Machh Zone) BSO Azad Unidentified people informed Shalkot police station that a dead body was lying near Sardar Karez in Aktharabad area. Police rushed to the site and mov ... Dead Body of BSO's Zonal ...   Signs of torture on the body and wounds to the head      
00095 Abid Rasool Bux murdered 1/23/2011 1/27/2011
Panjgoor, Gwargo area (Panjgur) Naser Baloch, Mehrab Baloch, Abid Saleem Baloch     1994 student, high school, Prome High School, 17 years BSO Azad Abid Rasool Bux Baloch and Naser Baloch were abducted by Pakistan Military personnel on January 23, this year along with Mehrab Baloch, a member of BS ... Disappeared Baloch student's body found, friend ho ...          
00096 Mohammad Ayub Langov abducted 1/12/2011  
          Lineman at WAPDA (for 20 years)   Brother Mohammad Ayub Langov stated: “He is missing since January 12, when he went to work and never returned. We have informed all friends, families, ... Baloch Families Protest for the Safe Recovery of Their ...          
00097 Hashim Baloch abducted 1/15/2011   internet cafe, Lasir Road, Hub     Turbat, Makran region Yousif Qadir Murad 1991 IT student   Abducted from an Internet cafe in Hub on 15 January around 5pm. According to eye-witnesses and the owner of the cafe Hashim Baloch had come to use the ... Baloch Families Protest for the Safe Recovery of Their ...          
00098 Nasir Dagarzai murdered 5/23/2011 7/17/2011 Twice abducted. First time on January 24, 2010, from Tasp area of Panjgur, second time on May 23, 2011, from Sona Khan Police and FC checkpo ... Kharan district First time, abducted with Abid Rasool Baksh Baloch, age 17, Mehrab Baloch, a member of BSO-Azad Modal School Unit, Panjur, and Abid Saleem Baloch. Fol ...       Student  

Following his first abduction, Mr. Nasir Dagarzai was shot in the neck and legs and left for dead with Abid Rasool in the Gwargo area of Panjgur. B ...

Disappeared Baloch student's body found, friend hospitalized in cr ... FC body found in a sack, tortured and bullet-riddled      
00099 Mumtaz Kurd murdered 11/15/2010 1/19/2011 Sibi
Ganjadori, near Mastung Abducted with three cousins         BSO Azad Mumtaz Kurd was the elder brother of Ali Jan Kurd, BSO Azad Mach zone president, who was found dead on January 23, 2011. Cousin Ali Sher Kurd was foun ... BalochJohd;          
00100 Mohammad Azam Baloch murdered 1/20/2011 1/25/2011 Suraab
near Kalat on Marjan National Highway     Beebarg      
Disappeared Moha ...          
00101 Abdul Rauf Qambrani abducted 1/25/2010   Wahero area of district Wadh
          EDE of Public Health, Kalat   Abducted in the Wahero area of district Wadh while on his to Kalat from Hub town of Balochistan. According to media reports, Mr Qambrani, along with h ... Disappeared Mohammad Azam Baloch killed, Five inno ...          
00102 Hanifa, Ms. Bugti abducted 1/20/2011   Quetta
    Dera Bugti         A centeral committee member of BRP, Mr Ghulam Mohammad Bugti, said that the heavy contingent of the Quetta police have harassed and beaten up children ...            
00103 Asa Zaffar Baloch freed 12/30/2010   Coastal highway near Pasni
            BNM Sources reported that Pakistani security forces have abducted Baloch National Movement's (BNM) ex-president Asa Zafar Baloch on the coastal highway ne ... Ex-president of BNM abducted
00104 Ahmed Dad Baloch murdered 10/3/2010 1/17/2011 Gwadar Zero Point
23 miles from Ormara near the Syedabad Cross on Mekran Coastal Highway Body found with that of Naseer Kamalan Gwadar     Gawader zone president of the Baloch Republican Party, journalist BRP Ahmed Dad Baloch was abducted by Pakistani military intelligence agencies with the help of police from Gwadar zero point on 3 October 2010 while he wa ... Bodies of three disappeared Baloch leaders found i ... FC, police 2 bullet holes in the head, 1 bullet hole in the heart, signs of torture, Ahmed Dad's body was found with that of Naseer Kamalan      
00105 Nisar Ahmed Baloch murdered 11/6/2010 1/17/2011 near 'Do Talwar Chowk', Lasbela
near Khuzdar             Nisar Baloch was on his way home when  masked men of the intelligence services attacked him and put him in their vehicle at gunpoint and drove of ...          
00106 Rasool Bux Mengal murdered 8/23/2009 8/31/2009 Uthal
Lasbela, hanging by a tree near Qalandari Hotel separately brother Nisar Ahmed Baloch was abducted November 6, 2011, found murdered January 17, 2011 Khuzdar     Joint-secretary of Baloch National Movement (BNM) BNM Abducted from Uthal on 23rd August 2009, tortured, and on 31-August 2009 his tortured dead body pierced with bullets was found hanging by a tree near ... plainclothes Body found hanged on tree near Uthal, Lasbela. Knife wounds and BLA Murdabad written on his back and forearms by ripping the body parts with a sharp o ... BLA Murdabad written on his back and forearms by ripping the body parts with a sharp objects    
00107 Ali Jan Issazai murdered 1/10/2011 2/1/2011 Quetta, from a roadside hotel
Khuzdar district, Kanak area Shahzad Nadeem (student of Ali Jan Issazai)           Both Balochi language singers had traveled to Quetta to compose a new album for Yaqoob Music Centre Quetta one day prior to their arrest and disappear ... Bullet-riddled bodies of two disappeared Baloch fo ...   Victim received single bullet to the head and body bore multiple signs of torture. Hands were tied from behind with rope.   Yes  
00108 Shehzad Nadeem freed 1/12/2011   Quetta, roadside hotel (found badly injured on February 2, 2011 with two others: Sohrab Khan, Wali Mohammad)
  Ali Jan Issazai (body found February 1, 2011)       Balochi folk singer, student of Ali Jan Issazai   Shezad Nadeem is a Balochi language folk singer who had gone to Quetta to compose a new album for Yaqoob Music Centre one day prior to his arrest and ... Bullet-riddled bodies of two disappeared Baloch fo ...          
00109 Karim Bux Marri abducted 5/1/2009   Hub industrial town of Balochistan     Hub Chowki        

00110 Gaffar Dashti abducted 11/22/2010   Turbat, Kech (Jasik FC check post in Turbat district Kech region)             BNM Mr. Dashti is a member of the Baloch National Movement. He was abducted by Pakistan Paramilitary forces from Jasik FC check post in Turbat district Ke ...
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